Comprehensive CubeSat Workshop Proceedings

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2017
August 5-6, 2017
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
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14th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2017
April 26-28, 2017
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017: Video of all presentations
Keynote: The Status of University Nanosatellites in ChinaDr. Yu XiaozhouShaanxi Engineering Laboratory for Microsatellite
On-Orbit Performance and Lessons Learned from the FIREBIRD-II and AC-6 CubeSat Missions: Little Packages, Big ScienceHarlan SpenceUniv. of New Hampshire
The Nano-Sat Exo-Brake Experiment - Results of the First Controlled De-orbitMarcus MurbachNASA Ames Research Center
SpooQySats: CubeSats to demonstrate quantum key distribution technologiesRobert BedingtonNational University of Singapore
Integration and Testing of the Nanosatellite Optical Downlink ExperimentEmily ClementsMIT
The Spectral Ocean Color Satellite and a Diffraction Grating Based PayloadDavid CottenThe University of Georgia's Small Satellite Research Laboratory
Next Generation Compact High Spectral Resolution SpectrometersSona HosseiniJet Propulsion Laboratory
Microwave Radiometers for Small SatellitesGregory AllanMIT
Pathfinder Technology Demonstrator: Demonstrating Advanced Technologies for Advanced MissionsJohn HansonNASA Ames Research Center
RainCube, a Ka-band precipitation radar in a 6U CubeSatTravis ImkenJet Propulsion Laboratory
IT-SPINS Ionospheric Imaging MissionRick DoeSRI International
SNIPE mission for space weather researchJaejin LeeKorea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
TRYAD Mission OverviewDr. Michael FogleAuburn University
Design, Development, and Operation of CubeSat-based HF SATCOMAlyssa RandellUS Naval Academy
NASA Near Earth Network (NEN) Support for Lunar and L1/L2 CubeSatsScott SchaireNASA Goddard Space Flight Center
BioSentinel - A Deep Space Radiation BioSensor MissionRobert HanelNASA Ames Research Center
Lunarcubes and the First Deep Space CubeSat Broadband IR SpectrometerPamela ClarkJet Propulsion Laboratory
Cost-effective Rad-hard MCU Solution for Small-SatsRoss BannatyneVORAGO Technologies
CSP: High Performance Reliable Computing for CubeSatsKatherine ConwaySpace Micro, Inc
Development of a lightweight thermal capacitor panel for thermal control of CubeSat applicationsDiego AriasRoccor, LLC
Micro-Propulsion Development Activities at Cal PolyAmelia GreigCalifornia Polytechnic State University
Thursday, April 27, 2017: Video of all presentations
Keynote: NASA's Role in Small Spacecraft Technolgies: Today and in the FutureJim ReuterNASA HQ
CubeSats, JSpOC and the Operational, Orbital Environment. 2nd SlidesAndrew WoodcockUSAF/JFCC Space/18SPCS
RFTSat: Demonstrating Passive RF Sensor Tags Using Backscatter Data CommunicationCassie WadeNNU
Collision Risk in Low Earth OrbitDaniel OltroggeAGI
Differential Drag for Collision AvoidanceBrian CooperAstro Digital US, Inc
Readiness, Recovery Resilience for CubeSat OperatorsHenry MartinNanoRacks
88 Satellite Deployment and Frequency Licensing for Planet's Earth Imaging ConstellationBryan KlofasPlanet
A Testbed for Demonstration and Performance Analysis of an Autonomous Scheduling System for Communications NanosatellitesPeter YooSPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
NASA InVEST Strategic Directions and Lessons LearnedPamela MillarNASA Earth Science Technology Office
Overview of the Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual InstituteBruce YostNASA Ames Research Center
CubeSat Launch InitiativeGarrett SkrobotNASA HQ
ULA CubeSat Launch CapabilitiesDan AdamsULA
ENTERPRISE Integration, Government and Industry ImpactJustin CarnahanTyvak NanoSatellite Systems, Inc
Moog CubeSat Launch and Deployment AccommodationsJoe MalyMoog
Implementation of Advanced Capabilities to the P-PODDavid PignatelliCalifornia Polytechnic State University
Providing a Unique STEM Education Opportunity with a Five Day ELEO MissionBob TwiggsTwiggs Space Lab
Solar Panels for TRISAT missionMiguel Angel VazquezDHV Technology
LinkStar, An Integrated, Secure and Flexible Networked Communications Architecture and Flight Management System for CubesatsAndrew SantangeloSci_Zone, Inc
Low EMI Power Supply Design for NanosatellitesCraig ClarkClyde Space Ltd
Bringing Full Stack to Small SatsRyan PlaucheKubos
Friday, April 28, 2017: Video of all presentations
Satellite target for demonstration of space debris manoeuvre by photon pressureBenjamin SheardEOS Space Systems
Cooperative Node Network Command Test (CONNECT)Patrick DonovanSpace Cooperative Inc.
Software Requirements for CubeSatsNoah WeitzCalifornia Polytechnic State University
The Use of SPARK/Ada and CubedOS in a Complex SpacecraftCarl BrandonVermont Technical College CubeSat Lab
Managing a Student Operated CubeSat ProgramDr. J-M WersingerAuburn University Small Satellite Program
High School and University CubeSat Collaboration in Idaho. Part 2.Dennis Zattiero and Dr. Stephen ParkeNNU
New STEM Education: Why is CubeSat Technology a Perfect Vehicle To Get Our Students Ready for Space Exploration?Kain SosaIrvine CubeSat
Design of MySat-1 - The First CubeSat from UAE's First Graduate Level Space Education ProgramAzza Al BakrMasdar Institute of Science and Technology
Thermal Management for CubeSats - Criteria to PerformBoris YendlerYSPM, LLC

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2016
August 6-7, 2016
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
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Saturday, August 6, 2016: Video of all presentations
Session I: Beyond LEO
BioSentinel: A 6U Nanosatellite for Deep Space Biological ScienceHugo SanchezNASA Ames
Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) Scout Solar Sail ImplementationJared DervanNASA Marshall
A Europa CubeSat Concept Study for Measuring Europa's AtmosphereNancy ChanoverNew Mexico State University
The Lunar polar Hydrogen Mapper (LunaH-Map) CubeSat MissionHannah KernerArizona Stat University
Session II: C&DH
NASA Operational Simulator for Small Satellites (NOS3): Tools for Software-based Validation and Verification of Small SatellitesMatthew GrubbNASA
Multi-algorithmic Hybrid Attitude Determination and Control System of the CubeSat "CADRE"Dae Young LeeUniversity of Michigan
System Design and Assessment of a High Power 3U CubeSatKatie OritiNASA Glenn
Model Based Design and Auto coding of an FPGA Based Satellite Control SystemJorden LukeUtah State University
The Internet of Satellites: a C&DH Software Framework for Small Satellites Built on Open Internet Standards and SoftwareJesse CoffeyPumpkin Inc
Session III: The Big Picture
Citizen Satellite: Low Cost Space Missions for the Unordinary InnovatorBob TwiggsMorehead State University
Pathfinder Technology DemonstratorJohn MarmieNASA Ames
CubeQuest ChallengeJim CockrellNASA Ames
Quick-Turn, Low Cost Spacecraft Development PrinciplesJohn AbelTyvak Nano-Satellite Systems
How CubeSats are Helping Address the Space Debris Problem: Results from the Polar Orbiting Passive Atmospheric Calibration SpheresMarcin PilinskiASTRA LLC
Are We There Yet? Looking Back at a Decade Of Disruption of the Space Market Using CubesatsJeroen RotteveelInnovative Solutions in Space
Session IV: LEO Missions
A Preliminary Design for the INSPIRESat-1 Mission and Satellite Bus: Exploring the Middle and Upper Atmosphere with CubeSatsLoren ChangNational Central University
Outernet: The Development of 1U CubeSat Platforms to Enable Low-Cost Global Data ProvisionRobin SampsonClyde Space
Athenoxat-1, Night Vision Experiments in LEOGiulio ManzoniMicrospace Rapid Pte Ltd
Solar Cell CIC Optimization and Factorization for CXBN-2Jacob WadeMorehead State University
MakerSat: A CubeSat Designed for In-Space AssemblyBraden GrimNorthwest Nazarene University
AMODS: Autonomous Mobile On-orbit Diagnostic SystemDakota WenbergUnited States Naval Academy
CubeSat Nighttime LightsDee PackThe Aerospace Corporation
Nodes: A Flight Demonstration of Networked Spacecraft Command and ControlJohn HansonMillenium Engineering and Integration Company
Sunday, August 7, 2016: Video of all presentations
Session V: Guidance and Control
Developing New Tools for the ElaNaGarrett SkrobotNASA LSP
Small Mission Opportunities for the Vega launch System: The Small Spacecraft Mission ServiceFabio CaramelliEuropean Space Agency
MinXSS CubeSat On-Orbit Performance and the First Flight of the Blue Canyon Technologies XACT 3- axis ADCSJames MasonCU Boulder
Laboratory Validation of Vision Based Grasping, Guidance and Control with Two Nanosatellite ModelsSubhransu MishraJohn Hopkins University
The Ranging and Nanosatellite Guidance Experiment (RANGE)Brian GunterGeorgia Institute of Technology
Attitude Determination and Control System Design for STU-2A CubeSat and In-Orbit ResultsShufan WuShanghai Engineering Center for Microsatellties
Simulation Results of Alternative Methods for Formation Separation ControlThomas HeineUniversity of Michigan
Session VI: Propulsion
Development of a Nitrous Oxide-Based Monopropellant ThrusterStephen MautheUniversity of Toronto
Flight Development of Iodine BIT-3 RF Ion Propulsion System for SLS EM-1 CubeSatsMichael TsayBusek
In-Orbit Demonstration of a MEMS-based Micropropulsion system for CubesatsKristoffer PalmerNanoSpace
Canadian Electric Propulsion Development: A Cylindrical Hall ThrusterCarl PigeonUniversity of Toronto
Session VII: Communications
A Novel Planar Antenna for CubeSatsJan VerwilligenDelft University of Technology
Linkstar, a Globalstar Based Duplex Radio for Satellites In LEO - Architecture and Test ResultsAndrew SantangelosciZone
Globalstar Link: From Reentry Altitude and BeyondHank VossNearSpace Launch
Ka-band Technologies for Small Spacecraft Communications via Relays and Direct Data DownlinkJames BudingerNASA Glenn
Development of Enabling Chemical Propulsion System (EPSS)Vytenis BuzasNano Avionics
Modulating Retro-Reflector CubeSat Payload operating at 1070 nm for Asymmetric Free-Space Optical CommunicationsJan StuplNASA Ames
TechEdSat 5 / PhoneSat 5Marcus MurbachNASA Ames
Session VIII: Instrument/Science Missions
Quantum Physics with CubeSatsRakhitha ChandrasekaraNational University of Singapore
Improving Nanosatellite Imaging and Atmospheric Sensing with Adaptive OpticsAnne MarinanMassachusetts Institute of Technology
SWIMSat: Space Weather and Meteor Impact Monitoring using a Low-Cost 6U CubeSatVictor HernandezArizona Stat University
A Segmented, Deployable, Primary Mirror for Earth Observation from a CubeSat PlatformNoah SchwarzUK Astronomy Technology Centre
Electron Losses and Fields InvestigationLydia BingleyUniversity of California, Los Angeles
The CubeSat Infrared Atmospheric Sounder (CIRAS), Pathfinder for the Earth Observing Nanosatellite-Infrared (EON-IR)Thomas PaganoNASA JPL
EXACT: Experiment for X-Ray Characterization and TimingRyan VogtUniversity of Minnesota
Broadband InfraRed Compact High-resolution Exploration Spectrometer: Lunar Volatile Dynamics for the Lunar Ice Cube MissionPamela ClarkNASA JPL
Miniaturized Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer for CubeSat Atmospheric MeasurementsMarcello RodriguezNASA Goddard

13th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2016
April 20-22, 2016
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016
CubeSats and Mission Success: A Look at the NumbersMichael SwartwoutSaint Louis University
The CHOMPTT Precision Time Transfer CubeSat MissionNathan BarnwellUniversity of Florida
Online Resource Allocation and Scheduling for Store-and-Forward Communications with Priority Levels in Nanosatellite SystemsCherry WakayamaSPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
The Cube-Train Constellation for Earth ObservationAnthony FreemanJPL
The Myths and Realities of CubeSat Collision RiskDan OltroggeAnalytical Graphics Inc
On-Orbit Results from the HumSAT PayloadDiego NodarUniversity of Vigo
A Framework for Mission Assurance Exploiting AutomationYaseen ZaidiCPUT
Xcube ProjectChad FrostNASA Ames Research Center
ElaNa Mission StatusScott HigginbothamNASA LSP
Launch Vibration Isolation for CubeSatsDavid PignatelliCal Poly SLO
Nanoracks: ISS CubeSat DeploymentHenry MartinNanoRacks LLC
CubeSat Launch and Deployment AccommodationsJoe MalyCSA Engineering
Quick-Turn, Low Cost Spacecraft Development PrinciplesAustin WilliamsTyvak Nano-Satellite Systems Inc
An Affordable Test Equipment and Simulation Suite for CubeSat DevelopmentSharlene KatzCSU Northridge
Mobile CubeSat Command and Control Ground StationsGiovanni MinelliNaval Postgraduate School
Spacecraft Manufacturing: Lessons Learned from Corvus-BCBrian CooperAquila Space
SUPERNOVA-Beta / InFocus TechSat1Steven SuddarthTransparent Sky, LLC
Scintillation Observations and Response of the Ionosphere to Electrodynamics (SORTIE)Marcin PilinskiASTRA LLC
Bulk Spacecraft Manufacture for CubeSat ConstellationsCraig ClarkClyde Space
Thursday, April 21, 2016
Leaping CubeSats! Enabling Beyond-Earth Missions in Small, Inexpensive PackageRobert StaehleJPL
MarCO - Ready for LaunchAndrew KleshJPL
BioSentinel: Mission Development of a Radiation Biosensor to Gauge DNA Damage and Repair Beyond Low Earth Orbit on a 6U NanosatelliteHugo SanchezNASA Ames Research Center
Payload Developments on the Lunar Flashlight MissionTravis ImkenJPL
Lunar Ice Cube: Lunar Water Dynamics via a First Generation Deep Space CubeSatPamela ClarkJPL/Morehead
The Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper (LunaH-Map) CubeSat MissionCraig HardgroveASU
A 6U CubeSat Designed for Lunar Orbit and Beyond in the NASA CubeQuest ChallangeKathleen MorseYosemite Space Inc
DustCubeDiego NodarUniversity of Vigo
The CuSP Interplanetary CubeSat MissionDon GeorgeSwRI
OCSD-A/AeroCube-7a Status UpdateDarren RowenAerospace Corporation
NASA's Small Spacecraft Technology: Accomplishments, Opportunities, and PlansAndy PetroNASA Headquarters
Applications of Small SatellitesKate YoshinoAFRL
SABRE-I: An End-to-End Hands-On CubeSat Experience for Education Utilizing CubeSat Experience ProgramBungo ShiotaniUniversity of Florida
United States Naval Academy CubeSats 2016: Communications and Thruster Technology Demonstrator MissionsUriah EilingerUnited States Naval Academy
A Failure Analysis of the EXOCUBE CubeSatAlex SaundersCal Poly SLO
A Robust Nanosatellite OBC Created with SEL and SEU Immunity as a Driving RequirementCraig ClarkClyde Space
Laser Communications Downlink and Crosslink Designs for CubeSatsEmily ClementsMIT
The Planet Labs Ground Station NetworkBryan KlofasPlanet Labs
NASA Ames Research Center's GlobalStar Duplex Radio Study for CubeSat UseVanessa KurodaNASA Ames Research Center
Ground Station Link Characterization Utilizing Bit Error Rate with Noise IntroducedNathaniel RichardMorehead State University
A Standardized Geometry for Space Access PortsDov JelenPumpkin Inc
Friday, April 22, 2016
Record Solar Cell Efficiencies and Power to Weight RadiosAarohl VijhAlta Devices Inc
MIL-STD CubeSat 6U to 27U OMSR BusEdmund BurkeSpace Information Labs
FlexBus - A 6U CubeSat Platform for Any MissionDaniel HegelBlue Canyon Technologies
The Development of a High Strain Composite Boom for Low-Cost CubeSat MissionsBruce DavisRocoor
A ReSTful Interface for CubeSatsShaun HoulihanPumpkin Inc
Simulation-To-Flight (STF-1): A Mission to Enable CubeSat Software-based Verification and ValidationJohn LucasNASA GSFC
The Use of a System of System Design MethodologyMichael WegersonUniversity of North Dakota
CubeSat Laser Guide StarKerri CahoyMIT
Rapid Success: The GOMX-3 CubeSat Path to OrbitDaniel SmithGomSpace
e2v CubeSat ImagingAlice Reinheimere2v Inc
An Inexpensive, University Accessible, Microgravity Environment Providing CubeSat Functionality TestingAlexandra CrookUniversity of Wyoming
LinkStar-STX3 Radio ArchitectureAndrew Santangelosci_Zone Inc
CubeSat Mission Benefits and Integration of High Thrust, High Delta-V Green PropulsionSteven OvertonAerojet Rocketdyne
Design of Electrical Power System for SPEEDAnand AntonyIndian Institute of Technology Madras
AMODS: An Electromagnetic-Ferromagnetic Interface Docking SystemGavin RoserUnited States Naval Academy
OVERVIEW-1: A 360 Degree Virtual Reality Earth-Imaging 3U CubeSatRyan HolmesSpaceVR Inc
NITESat: Night Imaging and Tracking Experiment Satellite Mission and Education Program OverviewGeza GyukAlder Planetarium

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2015
August 8-9, 2015
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
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Saturday, August 8, 2015
Open-Sourcing CubeSat DesignRandy HsiaoNCKUVideo
Open Design - A New Approach for CubeSatsKyle LevequeAquila Space IncVideo
Robust Star Detection for Cubic-Centimeter Star ImagerSamir RawashdehUniversity of Michigan - DearbornVideo
New Small Satellite Capabilities for Microwave Atmoshperic Remote Sensing: The Earth Observing NanosatelliteBill BlackwellMIT Lincoln LabsVideo
NanosatC-Br1 The First Brazillian CubeSat, and BeyondEloi FonsecaAir Force Institute of Technology - ITAVideo
3D Printing for Space - Advances from the NASA SmallSat ProgramCraig KiefCOSMIACVideo
Advancing Small Satellite Access to Space for Developers and Launch ProvidersJustin CarnahanTyvakVideo
CubeSat Proximity Operations Demonstration Avionics System DesignAustin WilliamsTyvak Nano-Satellite SystemsVideo
Methods to Predict Fatigue in CubeSat Structures and MechanismsWalter HolemansPlanetary Systems CorporationVideo
NOAA's Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory AffairsAlan RobinsonNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationVideo
Increasing International Space Station Utilization for Small Satellite Deployments Conor BrownNanoRacks LLCVideo
Let's Status ELaNa and What's AheadGarrett SkrobotNASA LSPVideo
EPP- A New CubeSat Testbed and Payload Hosting Platform on the International Space Station with Reliable Fast-Track and Low-Cost Mission ScenarioKurk WoellertAirbus DS GmbHVideo
Benefits for Deployable Quadrifilar Helical Antenna Modules for Small SatellitesGreg O'NeillHelical Communication TechnologiesVideo
Big Software for SmallSats: Adapting cFS to CubeSat MissionsJames MarshallGeorge Washington UniversityVideo
LANL Compact Attitude Determination and Control System for Small SatellitesNicholas DallmannLos Alamos National LaboratoryVideo
NanoSatellite Avionics Optimization in a Space-Constrained EnvironmentJames ByrneMIT Space Systems LabVideo
Developing a CubeSat Mission to Support Earth ScienceThomas JohnsonNASA/GSFC/WFFVideo
Sunday, August 9, 2015
G.A.U.S.S. MicroSatellites: Experience and ProposalsVladislav SoloveyG.A.U.S.S. SrlVideo
PolySat Mission and Operations Engineering LessonsNik PowellCal Poly, SLOVideo
Gossamer Orbit Lowering Device (GOLD) for Safe and Efficient CubeSat DeorbitNicola Sarzi-AmadeGlobal Aerospace CorporationVideo
Flight Testing of a Low Cost De-Orbiting Device for Small SatellitesDana TurseComposite Technology Development, Inc.Video
Design and Test of the Payload Electronics and In Flight Sequence Development for the CSUNSAT1 Low Temperature Battery ExperimentGary BolotinJet Propulsion Labrotory, California Institute of TechnologyVideo
The Scanning Ionospheric Photometer for CubeSatsChad FishASTRA LLC.Video
JPL's Advanced CubeSat Concepts for Deep Space ExplorationSara SpangeloJet Propulsion LabVideo
Globalstar Communication Link for CubeSatsHank VossNearSpace Launch Inc.Video
Developing the Minature Tether Elecrodynamics Experiment: Completion of Key Milestones and Future WorkBret BronnerUniversity of MichiganVideo
Integrating Advanced Payload Data Processing in a Demanding CubeSat MissionMark McCrumBright Ascension LtdVideo
Stay on the Path - Sticking to your Selected CubeSat Mission to Achieve Project SuccessJeroen RotteveelInnovative Solutions In Space BVVideo
E-Field Instruments for CubeSatsMarcin PilinskiASTRA LLCVideo
Time Capsule to Mars: A Platform for Advanced Technological Testing in Interplanetary SpaceCassidy ChanDuke UniversityVideo
Lights Out: Evolution of an Automated Ground Segment for Operation of the Aerospace CubeSat ConstellationDarren RowenThe Aerospace CorporationVideo
How a Lightweight RTOS can Drive CubeSat Flight Software FunctionalityAndrew KalmanPUMPKIN, Inc.Video
A CubeSat Programme for the Demonstration of a Miniaturised Entangled Photon Source for Quantum Key Distribution.Robert BedingtonCentre for Quantum Technologies, National University of SingaporeVideo
A LEO CubeSat Mission for Mapping Spot Beams of GEO Comm-SatellitesJacob LaSargeAir Force Institute of TechnologyVideo
PSAT- A Remote Data Relay Satellite with PSK31 TransponderRobert BruningaUS Naval AcademyVideo
SEAHAWK; a Nanosatellite Mission for Sustained Ocean ObservationCraig ClarkClyde SpaceVideo

12th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2015
April 22-24, 2015
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
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Special Documents
Keynote: NASA And Small Satellite ResearchElwod AgasidNASA Ames
Keynote: Ground Network Architecture for Interplanetary Smallsat MissionsKar-Ming CheungJet Propulsion Laboratory
Keynote: How do we Define what we do?Jordi Puig-SuariCal Poly
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Session 1: Education and Design Philosophy
NASA Academy of Aerospace QualityAlice SmithAuburn University
Experimental Smartphone-synchronized Ground Station Grid: ESG-GridPaul DarbyUniversity of Louisiana
"Technology Service Education: Globalstar 24/7 for LEOHank VossNearSpace Launch Inc.
Open Design: A New Approach for CubeSatsKyle LevequeAquila Space Inc.
An Open Source Flight Mangement System for CubeSatsAndrew Santangelosci_Zone
Open Source All Parallel EPS for CubeSatsGordon HardmanAquila Space Inc.
NanoSwarm: CubeSats Enabling a Discovery Class MissionJordi Puig-SuariTyvak
Session 2: Missions Part 1
MothershipJames DiCorciaDeep Space Industries
INSPIRE and Beyond: Deep Space CubeSats at JPLAndrew KleshJet Propulsion Laboratory
CubeSat Proximity Operations Demonstration (CPOD) Mission UpdateAustin WilliamsTyvak Nano-Satellite
Flight Results from AeroCube-6: A Radiation Dosimeter Mission in the 0.5U Form FactorJoseph GangestadThe Aerospace Corporation
NEPTUNE 5: Interorbital Systems' Dedicated Small-Satellite LauncherRanda MillironInterorbital Systems
LightSail Program Status: On Track for Two LaunchesRex RidenoureEcliptic Enterprises
BioSentinel: Mission Development of a Radiation Biosensor to Gauge DNA Damage and Repair Beyond Low Earth Orbit on a 6U NanosatelliteBob HanelNASA Ames
AMSAT Fox-1 CubeSat SeriesJerry BuxtonAMSAT
ESTCube-1 From the Beginning to the EndPaul LiiasTartu Observatory
Thursday, April 23, 2015
Session 3: Missions Part 2
Perseus-M On Orbit Report and Corvus-BC Satellite DesignMichael Bertino and Brian CooperAquila Space Inc.
FIREBIRD: One Mission; Two LaunchesMatthew HandleyMontana State University
An Update on the GRIFEX MissionJames CutlerUniversity of Michigan
The Cosmic X-Ray Background NanoSat-2 (CXBN-2): An Improved Measurement of the Diffuse X-Ray BackgroundJordan HealeaMorehead State University
LMRST-Sat Flight Software Debugging and Mission AssuranceAndrew KalmanStanford University
"TshepisoSAT (ZACUBE-1) One Year After LaunchLeon SteenkampCape Peninsula University of Technology
QIKcom 1 & 2 Re-Configurable Transponder ModulesMichael SegallaUnited States Naval Academy
CubeSats and Science Requirements Driven Deep Space Missions: A Marriage made in Heaven?Pamela ClarkFlexure Engineering
Session 4: Launch Capabilities Testing and Simulation
CubeSat Missions to LEO and BeyondGarrett SkrobotNASA/LSP
NanoRacks: Maximizing ISS Utilization for Small Satellite DeploymentsConor BrownNanoRacks LLC
The Lynx Cub Payload CarrierEdward WrightUnited States Rocket Academy
CubeSat Launch and Deployment AccomodationsJoe MalyMoog
Progress in Reducing Vibration Levels on NPSCulWenschel LanNPS
Lessons Learned Measuring 3U and 6U Payload Rotation and Velocity when Dispensed in Reduced Gravity EnvironmentWalter HolemansPlanetary Systems Corporation
Unstandard CubeSat/PocketQube/TubeSat DeployersBob TwiggsMorehead State University
How to Reduce Debris Impact Threats To and From CubeSats in LEOJoe CarrollTether Applications Inc
Assessing Compliance with United States Government Orbital Debris Mitigation GuidelinesRobert KelleyNASA Johnson
Friday, April 24, 2015
Session 5: Subsystems and Payloads Part 1
VACCO ChEMS Micro Propulsion SystemsChris DayVACCO
Effective Hardware-in-the-Loop CubeSat Attitude Control Verification and TestCraig ClarkClyde Space
Advanced Electrical Bus (ALBus) CubeSat Technology Demonstration MissionDavid AvanesianNASA Glenn
Thermal Considerations for Critical CubeSat MissionsJason AddySpace Micro Inc
CubeSat Operations with Spaceflight NetworksJohn SpringmannSpaceflight Networks Inc
A Low Power Optical Communication Instrument for Deep-Space CubeSatsPaul SerraUniversity of Florida
By the Numbers: Delivering Mission Success with a Global Ground Station FootprintChris WakeSpire Inc
HaWK Solar Array Technology Advanced Deployable Satellite Power SolutionEric McNaulMMA Design LLC
Session 6: Subsystems and Payloads Part 2
Lessons Learned from the US Air Force SENSE CubeSat MissionLyle AbramowitzThe Aerospace Corporation
Soaring to the Edge of Space: A new CubeSat PlatformMichael BataliaPerlan Project
Robust Orbit Determination: A Machine Learning ApproachSrinagesh SharmaUniversity of Michigan
A High-Speed Data Downlink for Wide-Bandwidth CubeSat PayloadsJohn BuonocoreSRI International
RADSat CubeSat MissionAndrew Santangelosci_Zone
A Miniaturized Satellite Attitude Determination and Control System with Autonomous Calibration CapabilitiesSanny OmarAuburn University
Design a Methodology for the Development IT and Efficient Construction Using Small Satellites Based on Cobit 5.0 Roberto Ferro EscobarUniversity Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas
The CHOMPTT Precision Time Transfer CubeSat MissionNathan BarnwellUniversity of Florida
Designing COTS Parts for a PocketQubeTom WalkinshawAlba Orbital Ltd

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2014
August 2-3, 2014
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
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Saturday, August 2, 2014
Rapid Development and Test for Ukube-1 using software and Hardware-in-the-Loop SimulationPeter MendhamBright Ascension
Prototype Development of Cubesat Flight Software Framework Supporting Multi-Operating SystemsS HanKARI
CONOPS Development as the Center of Design PhilosophyEric SudanoEV Sudano Systems Solutions
A Reliable, Space Qualified, Standard and Cost Effective Bus for Small SatellitesRaz Itzhaki TamirIsrael Aerospace Industries
CubeSat Communications UpdateBryan KlofasSRI International
The EDSN Intersatellite Communications ArchitectureJohn HansonMillennium Engineering Integration Company
Design and Results of the Planet Labs Low-Speed Transceiver RadioHenry HallamPlanet Labs
TSAT Globalstar ELaNa-5 Extremely Low-Earth Orbit (ELEO) SatelliteHank VossNearSpace Launch Inc
A Smart Material Actuator for Attitude Control of Small SatellitesJoshua EvansUniversity of Kentucky
Get Away Special Passive Attitude Control SatelliteJames GardinerUtah State University
Evaluation of Attitude Control Alternatives for CubeSat Class SpacecraftJordi Puig-SuariCal Poly San Luis Obispo
Exploring the Potential of Miniature Electrodynamic Tethers and Developments in the Miniature Tether Electrodynamics ExperimentNikhil ShastriUniversity of Michigan
MicroMAS: Updates on the Global Environmental Monitoring Nanosatellite MissionBill BlackwellMIT Space Systems Laboratory
Aeneas On Orbit - Lessons LearnedTim BarrettUniversity of Southern California ISI
Making Great Strides in Launching CubeSatsGarrett SkrobotNASA Kennedy Space Center
E. coli AntiMicrobial Satellite (EcAMSat): Science Payload System Development and TestTravis BooneNASA Ames
INCA Ionospheric Neutron Content AnalyzerTaylor BurgettNew Mexico State University
A Programmable Low Energy Ion Source for Testing and Calibration of Space-Borne Ionospheric InstrumentsSaurav DhaVirginia Tech
Development of a CubeSat Miniature Release MechanismScott HeshNASA Goddard
Sunday, August 3, 2014
New Approaches to Lunar Ice Detection and MappingBrendan HermalynUniversity of Hawaii/SFL
Lunar Water Distribution (LWaDi)-- a 6U Lunar Orbiting spacecraftPamela ClarkNASA GSFC
System-Level Design of Thruster TechnologySara SpangeloJet Propulsion Lab
Crossing the Chasm: Leveraging University and Industry Partnerships for SuccessTricia HeversBoeing
Test Results for the MPS-120 and MPS-130 CubeSat Propulsion SystemsChristian CarpenterAerojet Rocketdyne
CubeSat Propulsion Module with Closed-Loop Thrust ControlTor-Arne GronlandSSC Nanospace
The Plasma Ambipolar Thruster for Responsive In-Orbit Transfers (PATRIOT) MissionJ. P. SheehanUniversity of Michigan
Thruster Subsystem Design for the Ballistic Reinforced Communication Satellite (BRICSat-P)Joseph LukasGeorge Washington University
NASA Centennial Challenges Program - Small Spacecraft ChallengesSam OrtegaNASA Goddard
NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate Small Spacecraft TechnologyJohn AllmenNASA Ames Research Center
Nanoracks CubeSat Deployment ServicesRich PournelleNanoracks
Launch results from the QB50 pre-cursor launch campaign flight qualification of the QB50 launch systemJeroen RotteveelInnovative Solutions in Space
Prospectives on US Law and Policy Implications for Picosat DevelopersPerry BallardDoD Human Spaceflight
Autonomous Ground Station Operation of the IPEX CubeSatEric BaumgartenCal Poly San Luis Obispo
HARP CubeSat - An innovative Hyperangular Imaging Polarimeter for Earth Science ApplicationsJ. Vanderlei MartinsUMBC
CryoCube-1: Cryogenic Fluid Management in MicrogravityPhilip PutmanSierra Lobo Inc
Design of a High Power Cube Satellite Power SystemRandy RiceMiltec Corporation
Applying Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) to CubeSatsShaun HoulihanPumpkin Inc
Update on Dependable Multiprocessor (DM) CubeSat TechnologyJohn SamsonHoneywell Aerospace

11th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2014
April 23-25, 2014
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
WelcomeScott MacGillivrayTyvak Nano-Satellite Systems
Joint Functional Component Command for SpaceBrigadier General Timothy CoffinJFCC SPACE
KySat-2: Status Report and Overview of C&DH and Communications Systems DesignJason RexroatUniversity of Kentucky
PlanetLabsMike SafyanPlanet Labs
Lesson Learned on a Successful CubeSat LaunchCarl BrandonVermont Technical College
Air Traffic Control from Space using Nano-SatellitesSoren PedersenGomSpace
The PocketQube ConceptBob TwiggsMorehead State University
Development and Operation of the PocketQube T-LogoQubeKevin ZackSonoma State University
The Application of the Logo Language for the Flight and Ground System of the PocketQube T-LogoQubeGarrett JerniganSonoma State University
Forest Fires, Sunglint and a Solar Eclipse: Responsive Remote Sensing with AeroCube-4Joseph GangestadThe Aerospace Corporation
IPEX: Intelligent Payload ExperimentEric BaumgartenCal Poly
Looking Up: The MCubed/COVE MissionPaula PingreeJPL/CalTech
UniSat-5 Mission Results & Lessons LearnedChantal CappellettiGAUSS Team
SPORESATAndres MartinezNASA Ames
High-Speed Radio OptionsBryan KlofasSRI International
Orbital Debris MitigationRobert KelleyNASA Johnson
Iris Deep Space CubeSat TransponderCourtney DuncanJPL/CalTech
Overview of SSDL's Telemetry Capture, Storage & Retrieval SystemAndrew KalmanStanford University
Deployable Package for Enhanced Power and Deorbit Capabilities in CubeSat SatellitesIan BournelisDrexel University
Thursday, April 24, 2014
CubeSat programmes in Africa- context and perspectivesRobert van ZylF'SATI CPUT
A Software Tool for CubeSat Mission Risk Estimating RelationshipsKatharine Brumbaugh GambleUT Austin
The CzechTechSat - A-Space Friendly CubeSat-class Picosatellite Development ProgressJaroslav LaifrCzech Technical University
A Technical Background of the ZACUBE-i Satellite Mission SeriesFrancois VisserF'SATI CPUT
SERPENS CubeSat MissionGabriel FigueiroBrazilian Space Agency
SkyCube: A satellite and a small businessTim DeBenedictisSouthern Stars
CubeSat Project Feasibility Within Absence of Real Implementation and Launching in Developing CountriesSara Mohammed Ali AhmedUniversity of Khartoum
Brazilian Inter-University CubeSat Mission OverviewVictor MenegonFederal University of Santa Catarina
Inter-CubeSat Wi-Fi Communication During LaunchMegan MackoolMerritt Island High School
Getting CubeSat Missions to Orbit Over the Next DecadeScott HiggenbothamNASA LSP
Valley Christian High School Space ProgramDan SaldanaValley Christian High School
Small Satellite Mission Operations at Morehead State UniversityKennedy HaughtMorehead State University
Implementing the Comprehensive Open-architecture Space Mission Operations System (COSMOS) to Operate Multiple CubeSatsTrevor SorensenHawaii Space Flight Laboratory
Micro-Cathode Arc Thruster for BRICSat-PSamudra HaqueGeorge Washington University
Two-Stage Control for CubeSat Optical CommunicationsRyan KingsburyMIT Space Systems Lab
The CHOMPTT Precision Time Transfer CubeSat MissionJohn ConklinUniversity of Florida
Shields-1, a CubeSat with a radiation shielding research payloadD Laurence ThomsenNASA Langley
Considering the Educational Benefits of a CubeSat ProgramJeremy StraubUniversity of North Dakota
INSPIRE: Interplanetary NanoSpacecraft Pathfinder in Relevant EnvironmentAndy KleshJPL/CalTech
CubeSat Deployment ServicesKirk WoellertNanoRacks LLC
CubeSat Proximity Operations Demonstration (CPOD) Vehicle Avionics and DesignAustin WilliamsTyvak Nano-Satellite Systems
Friday, April 25, 2014
The SATNet ProjectRicardo TubioCal Poly
CubeSat Formation Control using Differential DragSanny OmarAuburn University
IOS Modular Rocket and Small-Sat Technology UpdateRanda MillironInterorbital Systems
Expanding the Global Sensor Web with CubesatsChad FrostNASA Ames
USS LangleySam SipeUS Naval Academy
An Enhanced Role for Scientific CubeSats at NASADavid KlumparNASA HQ
3rd Generation EPSCraig ClarkClyde Space
SSL Information SessionIsaas NitschkeSpace Systems Loral
Spaceflight ServicesAdam HadallerSpaceflight Services
Modular Rapidly Manufactured SmallSat: Using Advanced Manufacturing Processes for CubeSatsChristopher HartneyNASA Ames
QB50 Proposed Deployment ConOpsDan OltroggeCenter for Space Standards and Innovation
CubeSat Payload Accommodations and Propulsive AdaptersJoe MalyMoog CSA Engineering
Radiation and Reliability Considerations in Digital Systems for Next Generation CubeSatsClint HadwinSpace Micro Inc
EyeStar: A Paradigm ShiftHank VossNearSpace Launch
BioSentinel: DNA Damage-and-Repair Experiment Beyond Low Earth OrbitTony RiccoNASA Ames
ELFIN: An Update on UCLA's Electron Losses and Fields InvestigationChris ShafferUCLA
Infrared Earth Horizon Sensors for CubeSatAttitude DeterminationTam NguyenMIT
Nano-Satellite Launch Adapter System (NLAS)James ChartresNASA Ames
Innovative Uses of the Canisterized Satellite Dispenser (CSD)Walter HolemansPlanetary Systems Corp
CubeSat-Class Spinning Landers for Solar System Exploration MissionsRex RidenoureEcliptic Enterprises Corp
a.i. solutions SmallSat Formation Flying TestbedEmil SuperfinA.I. Solutions

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2013
August 10-11, 2013
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Zip file

Saturday, August 10, 2013
SwissCube: Results and Lessons Learned After 4 Years of Operations in SpaceStefano RossiSwiss Space Center
DICE: Mission Results from Over a Year of On-Orbit OperationsTim NeilsenUSU/SDL
The Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment (CSSWE) On-Orbit PerformanceDavid GerhardtUniversity of Colorado
STRaND-1 and TDS-1: How the UK Does Low Cost Tech DemoShaun KenyonSurrey Space Technology Ltd
3-Axis Attitude Determination and Control of the AeroCube-4 CubeSatsDarren RowenThe Aerospace Corporation
Integrated Test Facility for Nanosat Assessment and VerificationSteve WassomUSU/SDL
Applying Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to Develop an Executable Model for the RAX CubeSat MissionDave KaslowAGI
Planet Labs' Remote Sensing Satellite SystemChris BoshuizenPlanet Labs
Comparison of Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques in Electrical Power Systems of CubesatsJesus Gonzalez-LlorenteUniversidad Sergio Arboleda
High Performance Spectroscopic Observation from NanosatsAlan MarchantUSU/SDL
Dependable Multiprocessor: An Application ApproachKevin BrownMorehead State University
Design and Functional Validation of a Mechanism for Dual-Spinning CubeSatsEric PetersMIT Space Systems Lab
ISARA: Integrated Solar Array ReflectarrayRichard HodgesJPL
ExoCubeChad TaylorCal Poly
Wallops CubeSat-SmallSat Ground Stations and Frequency StandardizationScott SchaireNASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Star tracker on chipMikhail ProkhorovLomonosov Moscow State University
Rapid Development using Tyvak's Open-Source Software ApproachSean FitzsimmonsTyvak Nano-Satellite Systems
The CanX-4 and CanX-5 Formation Flying MissionBen RisiUTIAS SFL
Sunday, August 11, 2013
Advanced Communications for Small SatellitesKevin LynaughVulcan Wireless
EDSN - Edison Demonstration for SmallSat NetworksBruce YostNASA Ames
Getting CubeSat Missions to Orbit Over the Next DecadeGarrett SkrobotNASA LSP
Can a Constellation of CubeSats Create a Capability?Iain CartwrightDefence Science Technology Organisation
CubeSat Standard UpdatesJustin CarnahanCal Poly
Understanding System Safety: Hazards, Controls, Inhibits, and IndependenceGerry ShawSRI International
Status of technology demonstration for a Drag-free CubeSatAndreas ZoellnerStanford University
Deployable Articulating Array for NanosatellitesDana TurseComposite Technology Development, Inc
Power Efficient Pulsed Plasma Thruster with Precise Control of High VoltageCraig ClarkClyde Space
HYDROS: Development of a CubeSat Water Electrolysis Propulsion SystemLenny ParitskyTethers Unlimited, Inc
Characterization and Radiation Testing of Low Mass High Voltage Converters for MicroThrustBenoit ChamotSwiss Space Center
Electrospray Mission Modeling for CubeSatsAngie HatchUSMC
MISC 3 - The next generation of 3U CubeSatsAndrew KalmanPumpkin Inc
Developing onboard software 400 miles from the cleanroomPeter MenhamBright Ascension
Small Satellite Cluster Inter-ConnectivityRadhika RadhakrishnanNorth Carolina A&T State University
Enabling Software Defined Radio Technology for High Performance Coordinated ConstellationsVince EthierTethers Unlimited, Inc
From Single to Formation Flying CubeSats: An Update of the Delfi ProgrammeJian GuoDelft University of Technology
Simultaneous multi-point space weather measurements using the low cost EDSN CubeSat constellation Adam GundersonMontana State University
Application for RSO Automated Proximity Analysis and IMAging (ARAPAIMA) Kristia HarrisEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Small Satellite Constellations for Earth Geodesy and Aeronomy John ConklinUniversity of Florida

10th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2013
April 24-26, 2013
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Zip file

Special Documents
Keynote Presentation: The NSF CubeSat ProgramTherese Moretto JorgensenNational Science Foundation
Keynote Presentation: Key Technical Challenges for ExplorationJason CrusanNASA
Paper: A Survey Of CubeSat Communication Systems: 2009-2012Bryan Klofas and Kyle LevequeSRI International
ITU Radio Regulations and Frequency registration for small satellite missions (DVD)Atilla MatasInternational Telecommunications Union
Ground Stations for NanoSatellites Workshop
IntroductionAndy KleshJet Propulsion Laboratory
CubeSat Communication Systems 2003-2013: A Historical LookBryan KlofasSRI International
GENSO: Past and PresentConner LangeCal Poly
Lessons Learned through Operations with a Federated Ground Station NetworkJames CutlerUniversity of Michigan
Wallops CubeSat-SmallSat Ground Stations and Frequency StandardizationScott SchaireNASA Wallops Flight Facility
Nanosatellite Communications at MITKerri CahoyMIT
Ground Station SurveyRemco SchoemakerJPL/Delft University of Technology
Commercial Ground Station OptionsBryan KlofasSRI International
"High Data-Rate" Communications for DICEJake GuntherUtah State University
Deep Space NetworkCourtney DuncanJet Propulsion Laboratory
MC3Jim HorningNaval Postgraduate School
Communications Exchange for Research and Experimental Satellites (CERES)Working GroupN/A
Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Session 1: Education and Design Philosophy
OPEN and OpenOrbiter: a Needs-Responsive Solution for the Small Satellite CommunityJeremy StraubUniversity of North Dakota
A Proposed Method for CubeSat Mission Risk AnalysisKatharine BrumbaughUT Austin
Implementation of SDM-Lite for Space Plug and Play Avionics (SPA) CubeSatsChris MitchellUniversity of Kentucky
CubeSat Thermal Testbed (CTTB)Jerami MartinPumpkin, Inc
Improving CubeSat CommunicationsNestor VoronkaTethers Unlimited Inc.
Strategies for Rapid Design and Development of ALLSTAR-1 Ground SegmentVignesh MuralidharanColorado Space Grant Consortium
To Space and Back in 9 MonthsDan SaldanaValley Christian High School
Session 2: University Missions
The CzechTechSat - A Space-Friendly CubeSat-Class PicosatelliteJaroslav LaifrCzech Technical University in Prague
Inter-satellite Laser Ranging for Geodesy, Formation Flying, and Fundamental Physics in SpaceKarthik BalakrishnanStanford University
High Reliability CubeSat Software with SPARK/AdaCarl S. BrandonVermont Technical College
CubeSat Deformable Mirror DemonstrationKerri CahoyMIT
DragonSat-1 Ready for LaunchJin KangU.S. Naval Academy
A Model for the Development of the C&DH of the Mission Libertad 2Claudio Marcel Hernandez CalderonSergio Arboleda University
SNAPS - A Novel Imaging NanosatelliteAndrew KalmanStanford University
Lessons Learned through Operations with a Federated Ground Station NetworkJohn C. SpringmannUniversity of Michigan
CP9 - StangSat Systems OverviewAdam DarleyPolySat
Dynamics and Control Design for the Drag-free CubeSatAnh NguyenUniversity of Florida
Thursday, April 25, 2013
Session 3: Science Missions
Space Environmental NanoSatellite Experiment (SENSE)Alejandro LeviUSAF Space and Missile Systems Center
JPL Does CubeSatsAnthony FreemanJet Propulsion Laboratory
Microsized Microwave Atmospheric Satellite(MicroMAS)Kerri CahoyMIT
NASA Warming up to CubeSats for Science and TechnologyDavid M. KlumparNASA Science Mission Directorate
Proximity Operations Nano-Satellite Flight Demonstration OverviewScott MacGillivrayTyvak Nano-Satellite Systems LLC
Overview of NASA GSFC CubeSat ActivitiesTom FlatleyNASA Goddard Space Flight Center
ELFIN: Electron Losses and Fields InvestigationRyan CaronUCLA
The KECK Institute Study Program on Small Satellites: A Revolution in Space ScienceCharles D. NortonJet Propulsion Laboratory
Multi-Purpose Avionics Core Element (M-PACE): Using Advanced Manufacturing to Rapidly Develop CubeSat Subsystems and ComponentsElwood AgasidNASA Ames Research Center
CYGNSS: The Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System's CubeSat FoundationsJohn DickinsonSouthwest Research Institute
Small Spacecraft Technology ProgramBruce YostNASA Space Technology Mission Directorate
Session 4: Launch Capibilities, Testing, and Simulation
ELaNa - Education Launch of NanoSatellite, Still Moving Forward!Garrett SkrobotNASA Launch Services Program
Spaceflight OverviewAdam HadallerSpaceflight, Inc.
NROL-36/OUTSat Impacts/Lessons LearnedDave CallenNRO/OSL
Mission Design Challenges for Multi-Manifest MissionsGregory KehrlAthena/Lockheed Martin
CubeSat Attitude Determination and Control Study and RealizationWilliam D. McGinnisAuburn University
Interorbital's NEPTUNE Dedicated SmallSat Launcher: 2013 Test Milestones and Launch Manifest UpdateRanda MillironInterorbital Systems
High Altitude Launch Services for Demonstration Nano-SatellitesJohn GarveyGarvey Spacecraft Corporation
Force Limited Vibration Testing on NPSCuL - What to Expect When You're Expecting to FlyWenschel Lan and Vidur KaushishNaval Postgraduate School
Small Satellite Deployment from ISSRichard PournelleNanoRacks
ESPA CubeSat Accommodations and Qualification of 6U Mount (SUM)Joe MalyMoog CSA Engineering
Achievements in Developing and Advanced Standard for CubeSatsRyan WilliamsPlanetary Systems Corporation
CubeSat Standard UpdatesJustin CarnahanCal Poly CubeSat Program
Friday, April 26, 2013
Session 5: Subsystems/Payloads/Deployables
Innovative Solutions for a Low Cost CubeSat DevelopmentN. BelliniUniversity of Bologna - Spacemind
Unix Space Server (USS) ProjectSamuel Noah SipeUnited States Naval Academy
A Fault-Tolerant On-Board Computer For CubeSat Based-On Hybrid ArchitectureJeremy DelaporteInstitut Superieur des Sciences Et Techniques (INSSET)
Spacecraft-on-Demand POP443: a Prepositioned Orbiting Spacecraft Printer CubeSat/NanoLabMichael JohnsonJA
The Aerodynamic End Of Life Deorbit System (AEOLDOS) ModuleRobin SampsonClyde Space Ltd
Interplanetary NanoSpacecraft Pathfinder In a Relevant Environment (INSPIRE)Andrew KleshJet Propulsion Laboratory
Computational Design of a Miniaturized Microstrip Antenna Focused on Cube SatellitesDamian Andres Campo CaicedoEAFIT University
Use of a Commercial Product for an SSTV Camera DevelopmentCyrille DromasInstitut Superieur des Sciences Et Techniques (INSSET)
A Distributed Command and Data Handling Architecture for KYSat-2Jason RexroatUniversity of Kentucky
Useful Earth Observation with Nanosatellite PlatformsJoost ElstakISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space
Session 6: Communication and Power
ITU Radio Regulations Related to Small SatellitesAtilla MatasInternational Telecommunications Union
Design Optimization of a Solar Panel Angle and its Application to CubeSat CADREDae Young LeeUniversity of Michigan
CubeSat and SmallSat LicensingJim WhiteColorado Satellite Services
Do We Have an ITAR Problem? A Review of the Implications of ITAR and Title VII on Small Satellite ProgramsJeremy StraubUniversity of North Dakota
Using the Allen Telescope Array for CubeSat CommunicationsKyle Leveque and Cecile MackaySRI International
Survey of CubeSat Communications: 2009-2012Bryan KlofasSRI International

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2012
August 11-12, 2012
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Zip file

Saturday, August 11, 2012
What Makes Secondary Payload Launch Opportunities Attractive?Joseph CarrollTether Applications, Inc.
Interorbital Systems' NEPTUNE 5 Modular Rocket: Summer Test Program Report with Launch Manifest Highlights and UpdatesRanda MillironInterorbital Systems
The Design and Analysis of the Housing Spacers for Polar Orbiting Passive Atmospheric Calibration Spheres (POPACS)Timothy WilwertDrexel University
ArduSat - Open Source Access to a CubeSat with Arduinos and SensorPeter PlatzerArduSat
A Report on the Regulatory Study Question on CubeSats before the ITU and the Operational Use of the 460-470 MHz Band for CubeSatsCharles SwensonUtah State University
A Stellar Gyroscope for CubeSat Attitude DeterminationSamir RawshdehSSBV Space and Ground Systems UK
From SmallSat to CubeSat: Reducing Mass, Size and CostJeremy StraubUniversity of North Dakota
XB1: An Integrated Precision Platform Enabling a New Realm of CubeSat ScienceGeorge StaffordBlue Canyon Technologies
The CanX-7 Modular Drag Sail Demonstration MissionJesse HiemstraUniversity of Toronto SFL
SolWise: Sailing On Light With Interplanetary Science and ExplorationAndrew KleshJet Propulsion Lab
Don't Worry, We'll Fix it in SoftwareMaxime CasteraISIS-Innovative Solutions in Space
Open-source Software Development for CubeSat SatellitesSean Fitzsimmons Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems LLC
MAMBO: A Simple Soft-core Processor used in the COPPER MissionSteve MasseySaint Louis University
Ad-hoc CubeSat Constellations: Secondary Launch Coverage and DistributionAnne MarinanMassachusetts Institute of Technolog
6U Mount for CubeSats on ESPAJoe MalyMoog CSA Engineering
Wallops 6U Deployer, UHF Ground Station, and Mission Planning LabScott SchaireNASA Goddard
The On-Orbit Performance of the HRBE (E1-P) CubeSat Nearing Nine Months in LEOMatthew HandleyMontana State University SSEL
SCARAB: Integration of the COPPER and Argus SpacecraftTom MolineSaint Louis University
AeroCube 3 and AeroCube 4David HinkleyThe Aerospace Corporation
Spacecraft-on-Demand POP443: a Prepositioned Orbiting Spacecraft Printer CubeSat/NanoLabMichael JohnsonJA/Cornell University
Sunday, August 12, 2012
Update on Dependable Multiprocessor (DM) CubeSat Technology DevelopmentJohn SamsonHoneywell Aerospace
ParkinsonSAT Remote Data RelayBob BruningaUS Naval Academy
GomX-1: A Nanosatellite Mission to Demonstrate Improved Situational Awareness for Air Traffic ControlLars AlmindeGOMspace
UKube-1: The first TechDemoCube Multi-payload NanosatelliteSteve GreenlandClyde Space
Adapting Linux-based Computing to CubeSatsAndrew KalmanPumpkin, Inc.
Endeavour: The Avionics Suite to Support Next Generation CubeSats MissionsScott MacGillivrayTyvak Nano-Satellite Systems LLC
S-Band CubeSat Communications with the Open System of Agile Ground Stations (OSAGS)Kerri CahoyMassachusetts Institute of Technology
The Mobile CubeSat Command and Control (MC3) Ground Station NetworkGiovanni MinelliNaval Postgraduate School
Carpcomm Space Communication NetworkTimothy StranexCarpcomm GmbH
Advancing Small Satellite Mission Capabilities Through the Establishment of a Robust NanoSat Communications NetworkMartin HynesUniversity of North Dakota
Where did all those Launches Come From?Bob TwiggsMorehead State University
CubeSats and Nano LaunchersGarrett SkrobotNASA Launch Services Program
NOAA Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory AffairsAlan RobinsonNOAA
Regulatory matters concerning authorization of Small Sats: Common Misunderstandings about the FCC and LicensingSankar PersaudFCC Satellite Engineering Branch
AFRL Scholars and University NanoSat ProgramsMisty CrownCOSMIAC at UNM
Beyond CubeSats: Operational, Responsive, Nanosatellite MissionsJeroen RotteveelISIS-Innovative Solutions in Space
High Power Panels to Enable High-Performance CubeSat MissionsNate StorrsTethers Unlimited, Inc
Propulsion Solutions for CubeSatsDan WilliamsBusek Co. Inc
CP8: IPEX Balloon Launch ResultsJeff WeaverCal Poly PolySat
Flat Flexible Cables in PicosatellitesPetras KaruzaThe Aerospace Corporation
Combined Environment Testing to Reduce Payload Mass, Cost and Mission RiskFrank AruteDrexel University
Operation and Performance of Desktop Vacuum Chamber for CubeSatsAndrew KalmanPumpkin, Inc.

9th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2012
April 18-20, 2012
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Zip file

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Keynote Presentation: Office of Space LaunchLt Col Guy MathewsonNRO
Keynote Presentation: OSL Atlas V Aft Bulkhead Carrier & Operationally Unique Technologies SatelliteMaj Travis WillcoxAdvanced Programs Division, NRO
The Future of CubeSatsDr. Jordi Puig-SuariCal Poly State University
Session 1: Science Missions
The QB50 Project Ruedeger Reinhard Von Karman Institute
Applications of NanoSatellites to Small-Body ExplorationAndrew KleshNASA JPL
Interplanetary CubeSat Architecture MissionsRob StaehleNASA JPL
Space Environmental NanoSat Experiment (SENSE)Capt Paul La TourUSAF SMC/XR
Overview of Proximity Operations Missions Relevant to NanoSatsScott MacGillivray Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems LLC
A Role for Cubesats in a Multi-Tier Exploration / Reconnaissance ArchitectureJeremy Straub University of North Dakota
On-orbit Performance of the RAX-2 CubeSatJohn Springmann University of Michigan
Session 2: University Missions
Global Educational Network for Satellite Operations (GENSO)Craig Kief COSMIAC & Cal Poly
IPEX: Maximizing 1U Payload PotentialEric StantonCal Poly State University
Design, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Attitude Determination and Control system of ICUBENaqvi Najam AbbasNorthwestern Polytechnical University
Libertad 2: Towards the Consolidation of the Colombian Aerospace AgeGustavo Puerto Universidad Sergio Arboleda
UNICubeSAT-GG: The First CubeSat from the University of RomaChantal Cappelletti GAUSS
The M-Cubed/Cove Mission: From Launched to Docked?Matt BennettNASA JPL
The On-Orbit Performance of HRBE (Explorer-1 [Prime])David M. Klumpar Montana State University
The Cosmic X-Ray Background NanoSat Pre-FlightTyler Rose Morehead State University
Thursday, April 19, 2012
Session 3: Education, Design Philosophy
AFRL University Nanosat Program (UNP)Lt Kelly AlexanderAFRL
Achieving Educational Outcomes Through CubeSat Curriculum IncorporationJeremy StraubUniversity of North Dakota
PhoneSat 2.0Elwood F. AgasidNASA Ames
Open Source Satellite InitiativeHojun SongOpen Source Satellite Initiative
Highly Integrated Design Approach for High Performance CubeSatsAustin WilliamsTyvak Nano-Satellite Systems LLC
The Business Ecosystem of NanosatellitesPeter PlatzerInternational Space University
Designers Gone WildAndrew KalmanPUMPKIN, Inc
Session 4: Launch Capabilities, Testing, and Simulation
ElaNa: Making it Happen!Garrett SkrobotNASA KSC
Interorbital's N9 Rocket: Test Program, Schedule, and Launch Manifest UpdateRanda MillironInterorbital Systems
ULA Rideshare UpdateJake SzatkowskiUnited Launch Alliance
CubeStack: CubeSat Space AccessJoe MalyMoog CSA Engineering
Suborbital Flight Opportunities for CubeSat-Class Experiments Aboard NLV Test FlightsChristopher BostwickGarvey Spacecraft Corporation
EDDE: Custom CubeSat Orbit Delivery--Without Dedicated LaunchJoe CarrollTether Applications Inc.
Low-Energy Transfers for Expanding the Orbital Regime of CubeSat MissionsEric TranDrexel University
Access to SpaceJoost ElstakISIS
Smart Nanosatellite Attitude Propagator (SNAP 2.0)Samir RawashdehUniversity of Kentucky
Off-the-Shelf Deployable Solar Panels for CubeSatsCraig ClarkClyde Space
Panel Discussion: CubeSat Operations
Introduction: CubeSat Mission OperationsBruce YostNASA Ames
Mobile CubeSat Command and ControlJim NewmanNaval Postgraduate School
A University-Based Ground Station: The 21 m Antenna at Morehead State UniversityBen MalphrusMorehead State University
Quick Thoughts on CubeSat OperationsJames CutlerUniversity of Michigan
NSF CubeSat High-Speed Downlink Communications Meeting
Introduction and AgendaBryan KlofasSRI International
CubeSat Issues: Where Are We?Andrew CleggNational Science Foundation
DICE Telemetry Overview and Current StatusJacob GuntherUtah State University
RAX-2 On-Orbit Communication PerformanceJames CutlerUniversity of Michigan
Comm Status: The Dual-CubeSat FIREBIRD MissionEhson MoslehMontana State University
CINEMA Communication System Overview and NTIA lessons learnedPascal Saint-HilaireUniversity of California, Berkeley
CSSWE COM SystemScott PaloUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
CADRE CommunicationsDamen ProvostUniversity of Michigan
ExoCube Radio PlansBrian TubbCal Poly State University
Friday, April 20, 2012
Session 5: Communications and Power
Making CubeSat Communications Mission Flexible and Provide Schedule ReliefKevin BrownAstroDev
Using an Autonomous Ground Station to Aid in Community OutreachTyler HughesUniversity of Alabama Huntsville
Software Defined Radio (SDR) Based Communication Downlinks for CubeSatsNestor VoronkaTethers Unlimited, Inc.
Innovative Plug-and-Play Battery Charging System to Maximize Overall Electrical Power System Efficiency in 1U and 2U CubeSats Matt RodencalUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville
Enhanced Power System for CubeSatsAndrew KalmanPUMPKIN, Inc.
Simulation of CubeSat energy systems for evaluation of power interfacesJesus GonzalesUniversidad Sergio Arboleda
Next Generation Power SystemsJulien HennequinISIS
TechEdSat - CubeSat Technology demonstration mission featuring Plug-and-play and radiation hardened electronicsFredrik BruhnAAC Microtec
CubeSat Frequency AllocationBryan KlofasSRI International
Session 6: Subsystems/Payloads/Deployables
Low Power Magnetic Attitude Control System for a CubeSatJesse FreyAlaska Space Grant Program
Photodiode Placement & Algorithms for CubeSat Attitude DeterminationJohn Springmann University of Michigan
Peregrine: A deployable solar imaging CubeSat missionC1C Samantha LatchUnited Space Air Force Academy
Electric Propulsion System for CubeSats - Hardware, Test Results and Current Development ActivitiesCraig ClarkClyde Space
RE-ENTSAT, An Atmospheric Triple Unit Re-Entry CubeSatGilles BailetVon Karman Institute
The Drag-Free CubeSatAndreas ZoellnerStanford University
Aerodynamic Package for a CubeSatJason CarrollDrexel University

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2011
August 6-7, 2011
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Zip file

Saturday, August 6, 2011
Concurrent Engineering Environment for CubeSat Mission DesignYunlong LinYork University
Development of a Cost Estimating Methodology for Very Small SatellitesMary BoghosianAerospace Corporation
Update on DM CubeSat TechnologyJohn SamsonHoneywell
CubeSat Communications Survey UpdateBryan KlofasSRI International
CubeSat-on-DemandMichael JohnsonJA
Understanding the Launch Needs of the CubeSat CommunityZachary ItkoeStellar Solutions
Interorbital Systems' Neptune Modular RocketsRanda MillironInterorbital Systems
New Nanosatellite Developments at the UTIAS Space Flight LaboratoryDaniel KekezUniversity of Toronto
Mission Enabling Compact Avionics SystemsBrian TubbPolySat, Cal Poly State University
COPPER: Ingrared Imaging and Radiation StudiesSteve MasseySt. Louis University
SPA and TrailblazerCraig KiefCOSMIAC
The NASA Ames PhoneSat ProjectMichael SafyanNASA Ames
Innovative Solar ArrayJeff HarveyMMA Design LLC
Maximum Power Point Tracking for Solar Arrays on Small SpacecraftDaniel ErbKentucky Space
Sunday, August 7, 2011
The First African CubeSat, ZACUBE-01Renier SebritsCape Peninsula University
Nanosatellite Development from a CubeSat Designer's PerspectiveAndrew KalmanPumpkin Inc
Advanced CubeSats for Operationally and Scientifically Relevant MissionsScott MacGillivrayTyvak NanoSat Systems
Space and Ground Segments Link Performance Verification for Small Satellite TT&C TranspondersAhmed MaghawryNARSS
Global Educational Network for Satellite OperationsCraig KiefCOSMIAC
IARU Radio Frequency Coordination ApplicationsJan KingAMSAT
Psat Communication MissionBob BruningaUS Naval Academy
Closing the Link: Communication System Technology DevelopmentsJoost ElstakISIS
Interplanetary CubeSatsRobert StaehleJPL
Development of an Image-Based Stellar GyroscopeSamir RawashdehUniversity of Kentucky
Improving the Pointing Performance of CubeSatsStefano RediSSBV
A Plug-n-Play Attitude Determination and Control System for CubeSatsCraig ClarkClyde Space Ltd
ELaNa - Educational Launch of Nanosatellite, The Next Logical StepGarrett SkrobotNASA LSP
MIHS StangSatDanielle GeorgeMerritt Island High School
Recent Developments in Pumpkin's CubeSat Kit ArchitectureAndrew KalmanPumpkin Inc
Ultra Thin, Deployable, Multipanel Solar Arrays for 1U CubeSatsRonnie NaderEcuadorian Space Agency
Education towards Satellite Technology in PeruMargarita MondragonUNI
UKube-1: A 3U CubeSat for the UK Space AgencyCraig ClarkClyde Space Ltd
Current and Expected ISIS Mission and Subsystem TechnologiesAbe BonnemaISIS
Emergency Locator Signal Detection and Geolocation Small Satellite Constellation Feasibility StudyAdam GundersonMontana State University

8th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2011
April 20-22, 2011
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Zip file

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Opening CommentsJordi Puig-SuariCubeSat
Event Sponsor WelcomeScott MacGillivrayBoeing
Keynote PresentationCol. Carol P. WelschDoD Space Test Program
Session 1: Science Missions
Orbital Debris Mitigation through Artifically Concentrated Plasma FieldsEric TranDrexel University
ExoplanetSat: A Nanosatellite Space Telescope for Detecting Transiting Exoplanets Matthew W. SmithMassachusetts Institute of Technology
New COTS EPS and Software Technologies Utilized for the NSF FIREBIRD MissionEhson MoslehMontana State University - SSEL
Build a CubeSat Overnight and Put it in Any Orbit Jim WhiteColorado Satellite Services
An Evaluation of CubeSat Orbital Decay Kyle Leveque & Dan OltroggeSRI International & 1Earth Research
Session 2: University Missions
Operational Missions in the Demanding Environments of SpaceRobert BurtUtah State University
The Radio Aurora Explorer (RAX) - Initial Mission ReportJames Cutler & Hasan BahcivanSRI International & University of Michigan
SMC/XR SENSE Demonstration and NanoSat EffortPeter MastroU.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center
Valley Christian High School ISS CubeLab Plant Growth Experiment Dan Saldana & StudentsValley Christian High School
OPAL - A Compact Instrument for High Resolution Profiling of the Atmospheric Limb Alan B. MarchantUtah State University
ITU pSAT II ADCS: Getting Ready for LaunchElgiz BaskayaIstanbul Technical University
CubeLabs and Access to Space Aboard the ISSJason Rexroat & James LumppUniversity of Kentucky
Relative Navigation, Timing and Data Communications for CubeSat Clusters Nestor VoronkaTethers Unlimited
The Dynamic Ionosphere CubeSat Experiment Erik StrombergUtah State University
Thursday, April 21, 2011
Keynote PresentationAmanda MitskevichNASA LSP
Session 3: Launch Capabilities, Testing & Simulation
An Improved Measurement of the Diffuse X-Ray Background: The Cosmic X-Ray Background Nanosat (CXBN) Tyler RoseMorehead State University
FlyMate - Advanced Nanosatellite Deployer Stanislaw StarzewskiNovaNano S.A.S.
ELaNa - Educational Launch of Nanosatellite (ElaNa) Project StatusGarrett SkrobotNASA Launch Services Program
Developing the Explorer-1 PRIME Satellite for NASA’s ELaNa CubeSat Launch ProgramDavid M. KlumparMontana State University - SSEL
DoD Space Test ProgramLt Charlie Galliand & Lt Colin FinkDoD Space Test Program
Atlas V Aft Bulkhead Carrier (ABC) OverviewCapt Travis G. WillcoxNRO OSL/APD
Session 4: Education & Design Philosophy
Ukube-1, the First CubeSat for the UK Space AgencySteve GreenlandClyde Space Ltd.
The Role of Education Projects for Future Space Science and Technology Prof. Robert TwiggsMorehead State University
KySat-1 Initial Flight Results and Lessons Learned Daniel ErbUniversity of Kentucky
The TEXAS Satellite Design Laboratory: An Overview of Our Current Projects Dr. E. Glenn LightseyUniversity of Texas, Austin
HUMSATFernando Aguado AgeletUniversity of Vigo
Software Frameworks for Rapid Mission Development Lars Krogh AlmindeGomSpace
Lessons Learned from the First Wave of Common- Architecture CubeSats Andrew Kalman & Rob CallPumpkin, Inc.
Session 5: Future Potential
Paradigm-Changing CubeSat Devices Enabling New MissionsTomas SvitekStellar Exploration
Deploying a Pico-Sat from a CubeSat: the Peruvian PUCP-SAT-1, A&BJorge HeraudPontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
Project of Lithuanian Nano-Satellite Domantas BrucasSpace Science and Research Institute
CubeSats for Key Technology Demonstration to be Launched Together with the QB50 NetworkJean MuylaertVon Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Navigating a CubeSat to the Moon Dr. Carl S. Brandon Vermont Technical College
Friday, April 22, 2011
Keynote PresentationBrian BjeldeSpaceX
Session 6: Subsystems/Payloads/Deployables
PolySat's Next Generation Avionics Design Greg ManyakPolySat
MR SATChantal CappellettiG.A.U.S.S.-University of Rome Sapienza
Microgravity Deployment Test of an MMOD Impact Screen Nicolas LeeStanford University (SSDL/SESS)
A Low Power Processor for CubeSat MissionsDavid GuzmanNASA GSFC
CubeSat Data Management System Gavin SmithUniversity of Alabama, Huntsville
Design of the On-Board Computer of the Belgian OUFTI-1 CubeSat Sebastien De DijckerUniversity of Liege
Trailblazer: Proof of Concept CubeSat Mission for SPA-1 Brian Zufelt and Craig KiefCosmiac
Adapting the RocketCam Digital Video Controller Avionics Unit to be a P-POD Deployment/Monitoring Unit Riki Munakata & Rex RidenoureEcliptic
CubeSat High-speed Downlink CommunicationsBryan KlofasSRI International
Session 7: Communication & Power
Miniature Deployable High Gain Antennas for CubeSatsScott MacGillivrayBoeing Phantom Works
HYPERCUBE Ian RobinsonRaytheon
GENSO UpdateConnor LangePolySat
Assessing and Optimizing Communication Network Capacity Sara SpangeloUniversity of Michigan
A Miniaturized Communication System for CubeSats Tyler Burba & Kevin BrownAstrodev
Power Budgets for CubeSat Mission SuccessCraig ClarkClyde Space Ltd.
An Affordable, Efficient 1U CubeSat Electrical Power System Scalable for 2U and 3U SystemsMatt RodencalUniversity of Alabama, Huntsville

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2010
August 7-8, 2010
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Zip file

Saturday, August 7, 2010
Advances in Space Plug-and-Play Avionics (SPA) - An Open Source Bus for SpaceCraig KiefCOSMIAC
CubeSat InnovationCraig ClarkClyde Space
Upcoming Space Flight OpportunitiesRobert TwiggsMorehead State University
Nano-Launcher: Dedicated Nanosatellite Payload Delivery ServiceA. C. CharainaSpaceWorks Commercial
Launches and On Orbit Performance -- An Update on Nanosatellite Missions at the UTIAS Space Flight LaboratoryDaniel KekezSpace Flight Laboratory
TubeSats/CubeSat Launch ProgramRanda MillironInterorbital Systems an open source nano-satellite ProjectMichael Johnson
S-Band Software Defined Radio ExperimentKevin LynaughVulcan Wireless
Recent Advances in the Construction of Solar Arrays for CubeSatsAndrew KalmanPumpkin Inc
Comparison of Magnetorquer PerformanceJames Barrington-BrownSatellite Services Ltd
CP7 Orbital Particle Damper EvaluationJohn AbleCal Poly State University
Sunday, August 8, 2010
Analysis and Aspects of the RAMPART CubeSat Mission with Satellite Tool KitRobert BradleyAGI
LANL CubeSat Reconfigurable Computer (CRC)Zach JacobsLos Alamos National Lab
The Colorado Student Space Weather ExperimentMuralikrishna Nallamothu
A Radar Calibration CubeSatNick FisherUniversity of Hawaii
NOAA's Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs (CRSRA)Alan RobinsonNOAA
An Overview of the TVC1 Desktop Vacuum ChamberEddie Truong-CaoPumpkin Inc
ParkinsonSAT Remote Data Relay (Psat)Bob BruningaU.S. Naval Academy
NASA's CubeSat InitiativeGarrett SkrobotNASA Launch Services Program
A CubeSat and SPA compatible SHSKyle LevequeSRI International
Dependable Multiprocessor CubeSat ImplementationJohn SamsonHoneywell Aerospace
Drag Enhancement DevicesJerry FullerThe Aerospace Corporation
CubeSat Developments and Future ChallengesAbe BonnemaInnovative Solutions in Space

7th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2010
April 21-23, 2010
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Zip file

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Event Sponsor WelcomeScott MacGillivrayBoeing Phantom Works
Session 1: Science Missions
Radio Aurora Explorer (RAX)Matt Bennett, James Cutler, Kiko DontchevUniversity of Michigan
CINEMA CubeSat Flight Software - Handling High Data RatesDavid McGroganUC Berkley Space Sciences Laboratory
TIWS Cubesat MissionJohn WesterhoffUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dynamic Ionosphere CubeSat Experiment (DICE)Geoff CrowleyASTRA, LLC.
Predicting the Position of the Sun, across Earth's Horizon, prior to Sunrise, using Image ProcessingOmair A. Rahman, Daniel ErwinUniversity of Southern California
Session 2: Launch Capabilities
NASA ELANA MissionGarrett SkrobotNASA
The VEGA Maiden FlightJakob Fromm PedersenESA Education Office
PPOD Accommodations on EELV MissionsJake SzatkowskiULA
Space Test ProgramLt. Chalie GalliandDoD Space Test Program
SOCEM: Sub-Orbital CubeSat Experimental MissionTwyman ClementsKentucky Space
Session 3:Testing & Simulation
Integrated CubeSat Test Facility for Precision Pointing and Power GenerationSteven R. WassomSpace Dynamics Lab, Utah State University Research Foundation
Orbital Environment Simulator for Small SatellitesDaniel ErbUniversity of Kentucky
Simulation and Implementation of the ADCS for LightSail-1Matt NehrenzStellar Exploration
Simulating Realistic Launch Conditions by Performing Shake Test under Sustained G-loadJin KangDrexel University
CubeFlow - Space PnP Avionics meets CubeSatsCraig KiefCOSMIAC
Thursday, April 22, 2010
Session 4: Future Potential
Study of the Small: Potential for Operational Military Use of CubeSatsLt. Chalie GalliandDoD Space Test Program
CubeSat for Air Force OperationsCapt. Derek PlymateAir Force's Space and Missile System Center Development Planning Directorate (SMC/XR)
QB50: An International Network of 50 CubeSatsJean Muylaertvon Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
HUMSAT ProjectFernando AguadoUniversity of Vigo
The Spectrum of Space Projects for Student EducationRobert TwiggsMorehead State University
NSF Communications Project UpdateBryan KlofasSRI International
Session 5: Design Philosophy
CubeSat CamRyan HelinskiCOSMIAC, The University of New Mexico
A Strategic Approach to Successful CubeSat MissionsLars AlmindeGomSpace
Development Approaches for CubeSatsDavid KlumparMontana State University - Space Science and Engineering Laboratory
Advanced CubeSat Avionics - A Next Generation Approach for Highly Capable and Integrated VehiclesChris DayThe Boeing Company
Extending 1U CommunicationsKevin BrownAstroDev
Session 6: Subsystems/Payloads/Deployables
A Bistatic Radar Receiver for CubeSatsJohn BuonocoreSRI International
SSDLCAM - The CubeView Mission PayloadAndrew KalmanStanford University / SSDL
Design and Testing of the CubeSail PayloadJulia K. Laystrom-WoodardCU Aerospace, LLC
Mechanical Design of CAPE2Abhishek Bajpayee University of Louisiana – CAPE
Deployable Structures for CubeSats and Small SatellitesNestor VoronkaTethers Unlimited
The CubeLab StandardDaniel ErbUniversity of Kentucky
UniCubeSatChantal CappellettiScuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale, Sapienza, University of Roma, Italy
Designing an Interorbital TubeSat at Morehead State UniversityTyler RoseAstronautica Systems Lab of Morehead State University
Friday, April 23, 2010
Session 7: Comm & Power
PCBSat+Jim WhiteColorado Satellite Services, LLC
OUFTI-1 CubeSat Telecommunication SystemQuestiaux LoUniversity of Louvain la Neuve
Integration of Batteries within OUFTI-1: Design Analysis and ValidationNoel Jean-PhilippeUniversity of Liège, Belgium
Network Capacity AssesmentSara SpageloUniversity of Michigan
GENSOFernando Aguado Agelet and Didier JourdainCal Poly San Luis Obispo
The Firehose Adaptive RadioMichael CaffreyAdaptive Radio Technologies
A CubeSat Radio Beacon ExperimentMichael CousinsSRI International
PolySatSean Fitzsimmons and Philip DemontoCal Poly San Luis Obispo
Packing in More Punch in a CubeSatRitchie LoganClyde Space Ltd
Session 8: University Missions
Estonian Student Satellite Program ESTCube-1Urmas KvellUniversity of Tartu
UCI SatellitesAllen GiragosianUniversity of California, Irvine
FASTRAC SatellitesSebastian MunozUT-Austin
Development of ITU PSAT 2Elgiz BaskayaIstanbul Technical University, Control and Avionics Laboratory
Sun-Observing Heliospheric Observatory SatelliteProf. Saumitra MukherjeeJawaharlal Nehru University
Lunar Lander/Orbiter CubeSatsCarl BrandonVermont Technical College

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2009
August 8-9, 2009
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Zip file

Saturday, August 8, 2009
CubeSat BusQuinn YoungSpace Dynamics Laboratory
Improving Power SubsystemsCraig ClarkClyde Space Ltd
ADCS, CanX-2, and NTSDaniel KekezUTIAS Space Flight Laboratory
CubeSat Communications TransponderBob BruningaUS Naval Acadamy
UCISAT-1Allen GiragosianUniversity of California Irvine
Solar Cell Installation: Double Sided TapePetras KaruzaThe Aerospace Corporation
Project HERMESRonnie NaderEcuadorian Civilian Space Agency
STK and CubeSat'sDan KaneAGI
Sunday, August 9, 2009
Choosing and Using a CubeSat Kit PPMAndrew KalmanPumpkin, Inc.
A Big Change in Small Things in SpaceBob TwiggsMorehead State University
Attitude Determination and Re-entryRaquel PinhoUniversity of Porto
Radio Aurora Explorer (RAX)Kiko DontchevUniversity of Michigan
Michigan Multipurpose MiniSat: M-CubedKiko DontchevUniversity of Micigan
CubeSat's for Geospace ScienceDavid KlumparMontana State University
QB50 NetworkJean MuylaertVon Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
NPS Cube Sat Launcher (NPSCuL)Chirstina HicksNPS
Orbital Environment SimulatorSamir RawashdehUniversity of Kentucky
IARU Frequency CoordinationJan KingAMSAT/IARU
TubeSatRandon MillironInterorbital Systems
SOCEM: Sub-Orbital CubeSat Exp. MissionAnthony KaramUniversity of Kentucky
GreenCube and RocketCubePhillip BracikowskiDartmouth College
Cal Poly CubeSat Community OutreachGreg ManyakPolySat
CubeSats - Some Thoughts from an Industry PerspectiveCharles S. MacGillivrayBoeing Phantom Works

6th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2009
April 22-25, 2009
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Zip file

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Keynote - CubeSat ExperimentsPatrick BournesNational Reconnaissance Office
Session 1: New Technology, Group 1
Advanced CubeSat CapabilitiesScott MacGillivrayThe Boeing Company
De-Orbit Mechanisms for Small SatellitesEric StackpoleNASA Ames Research Center
Orbital Debris and CubeSatsNestor VoronkaTethers Unlimited, Inc.
Propulsion Means for CubeSatsCarsten Scharlemann & David KrejciAustrian Research Agency
Deployable Gravity-Gradient Boom CubeSatDr. Peter WarrenQinetiQ North America
Monopropellant Micro Propulsion System for CubeSatsChris Biddy & Dr. Tomas SvitekStellar Exploration
CubeSat Thermal Environment ChamberBryan KlofasSRI International
Status of the Standards and Integration Service within the USJordi Puig-SuariCal Poly CubeSat
Session 2: Science Missions
The Firefly CubeSat MissionDouglas RowlandNASA GSFC
FIREBIRD: A CubeSat Science Mission for Focused Radiation Belt StudiesBrian A. LarsenBoston University – Center for Space Physics, Montana State Univ. & Aerospace Corporation
UNICubeSatFabio SantoniUniversity of Rome, La Sapienza
CINEMA (CubeSat for Ion, Neutral, Electron, MAgnetic fields)David Glaser & Karla VegaUC Berkeley - Space Sciences Laboratory
Update on the NSF CubeSat ProgramTherese Moretto JorgensenNational Science Foundation
Session 3: Space Weather
CubeSTAR - A PicoSatellite for Monitoring Space WeatherJohan L. TresvigUniv. of Oslo, Norway
RAX - The Radio Aurora eXplorer, videoMathew BennettUniversity of Michigan
Miniaturized Vacuum Ultraviolet PhotometerJohn NotoScientific Solutions Inc.
CubeSat-Scale Hyperspectral Imager (C-HIS) for Sodium InvestigationsRichard DoeSRI International
Thursday, April 23, 2009
Session 4: CubeSat Communications
The Applications of a Software Defined Radio in SpaceMathew BarousseUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette, C.A.P.E.
Exploiting Link Dynamics in LEO-to-Ground CommunicationsMichael CaffreyLos Alamos National Laboratory
Cal Poly Automated Ground StationJustin FoleyPolySat - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Assessing Global Ground Station CapacityJames CutlerUniv. of Michigan
The SRI-Tag Transponder for CubeSatsMichael CousinsSRI International
Session 5: CubeSat Missions, Group 1
CubeSat CamCraig KiefFPGA Mission Assurance Center
Kumu A'o CubeSatJeremy ChanUniversity of Hawaii: Manoa
The Naval Postgraduate School SCAT++ Program, videoChris Ortiona and Chris MaloneNaval Postgraduate School
SMDC-ONEBart GrahamMiltec Missiles and Space
OPTOS STM Results and Satellite ValidationJose Miguel EncinasINTA
2G OPTOS - Improvements for the Next GenerationCesar ArzaINTA
OUFTI-1Jonathan PisaneUniversity of Liege
LMRST-Sat: A joint Stanford-JPL CubeSat MissionProf. Andrew E. KalmanStanford Univ. (SSDL)
AubieSat-1 CubeSat ProgramThor Wilson & J-M WersingerAlabama Space Grant Consortium & Auburn University
Session 6: Program Management
Starting a University CubeSat Program - a Top Ten List of Lessons Learned, video, antennaWayne ShiromaUniversity of Hawaii and Northrop Grumman
Motivating a Future Aerospace Workforce: How to Run an Effective CubeSat Class at a UniversityChad CarlsonUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Build your own or buy off the shelf?Daniel ErbUniv. of Kentucky/ Kentucky Space
CubeSat Mechanisms WorkgroupPaul OppenheimerNaval Research Lab/ Naval Postgraduate School
Friday, April 24, 2009
Session 7: CubeSat Alternatives
Making it SmallerBob TwiggsStanford University
The Adler Planetarium's "Far Horizons" ProjectMark HammergrenAdler Planetarium
Modular High Altitude Balloon BusKiril DontchevUniv. of Michigan
Kentucky Space Enterprise Jason BratcherKentucky Space Enterprise
Session 8: Access to Space
NPSCuL Adam DeJesusNaval Postgraduate School
FlyMate Project, videoSylvain RouardINSA de Lyon
Interorbital Systems' SEA STAR MSLVRanda MillironInterorbital Space Systems
Nanosatellite Technologies and Services at the Space Flght LaboratoryFreddy PranajayaUniv. of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies Space Flight Laboratory
Department of Defense Space Test ProgramChalie GalliandDOD STP
Session 9: New Technology, Group 2
The Radiation Environment in Earth OrbitChris DayThe Boeing Company
CubeSat KitAndrew KalmanPumpkin, Inc.
Compatible SubsystemsAndrew StrainClyde Space Ltd
CubeSat Data AnalysisSebastian de AngelisUniv. of Hawaii at Manoa
Standardizing CubeSat Electrical and RF InterfacesWouter Jan UbbelsISIS
Session 10: CubeSat Missions, Group 2
TEMPO-cubedTom HillThe Mars Society
Advanced Integrated Concepts for ION2Erik Kroeker & John WarnerUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
XatcobeoFernando Aguado AgeletUniversidad de Vigo
Hermes CubeSatDustin MartinColorado Space Grant Consortium
Cal Poly CPXAustin WilliamsPolySat, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
ReadySat Eric StackpoleSan Jose State University

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2008
August 9-10, 2008
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Zip file
Note: Not all presentations are listed here

Saturday, August 9, 2008
CanX-2 and NTSDaniel KekezUniversity of Toronto
MRT CubeSat DevelopmentPhillip AndersonUtah State University
4th Quarter UpdateTyler DoeringKentucky Space Consortium
University Spaceflight CompetitionRafael RamosUniversity of Michigan
Global Ground Station SurveyDr. James Cutler, Julian MannStanford University
Sunday, August 10, 2008
GOLIAT Project OverviewMugurel Liviu BalanUniversity of Bucharest
AtmoCubeMarco De Din, Allessandro CuttinUniversita degli Studidi Trieste
Xa CobeoProf. Fernando Aguado AgeletUniversity of Vigo
Building On SuccessJustin FoleyCal Poly SLO
Simplified Configuration ManagementKieth Mashburn, Celena ByersMontana State University
FunSatJohn RobinsonFunSat
4th Generation OverviewAndrew KalmanPumpkin
Lithium Ion Polymer Cell TestsAndrew StrainClyde Space
SDR-Based Architecture Ground StationY.F. TsaiNational Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
CubeSats and Access to SpaceLinda HerrellJPL
RocketPod UpdateRex RidenoureEcliptic
APRS Space NetworkBob BruningaUS Naval Academy

5th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2008
April 9-11, 2008
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Zip file

Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Special Documents
Keynote: LCROSS: A Unique Spacecraft for a Unique MissionCraig ElderNorthrop Grumman
A Survey of CubeSat Communication SubsystemsBryan Klofas, Jason Anderson, Kyle LevequeCal Poly State University
SOMP CubeSat PosterKarsten SchindlerDresden University of Technology
NSF Grant Proposal Overview
Audio Recording
Therese JorgensenNSF
Session 1: New CubeSat Developers
Nano-Satellite Electrical Power Sub-System ArchitectureChris DayThe Boeing Corporation
M-CubedKiril DontchevUniversity of Michigan
HiNCubeFrode KnapstadHINCube
Kumu a'o CubeSatZachary Lee-HoUniversity of Hawaii
OuFTI-1: Cubesat of University of LiegeAmandine DenisUniversity of Liege
Development Opportunities within the CubeSat Kit ArchitectureAndrew KalmanPumpkin Inc
Session 2: Innovations/Novel Avionics
Miniature Digital Sun Sensor for Application in Nano- and Pico-satellitesArtur ScholzNational Cheng Kung Univ.
CubeSat CamIvan LunaUniversidad Sergio Arboleda
On Discriminating CubeSats Launched TogetherMichael CousinsSRI International
A Survey of Micro-Thrust Propulsion Options for Microspacecraft and Formation Flying MissionsJuergen MuellerJPL
uClinux on the Blackfin BF537 processor for CubeSat software developmentJahshan BhattiUniversity of Texas at Austin
CAPE-II: Command and Data Handling SubsystemMatthew TricheUniversity of Lousiana at Lafayette
ION2Alex GhoshUniversity of Illinois
Flexible Digital Power Mangement System for Small SatellitesAnand RamamurthyNorth Carolina State University
Thursday, April 10, 2008
Session 3: Nano-Satellites
Session IntroductionDavid KlumparMontana State University
iTU NXG - Scaling Up for Low-Cost ScienceCan KurtulusIstanbul Technical University
OPTOSCesar MartinezINTA
A Small Satellite Scientist Looks at NanoSat CapabilitiesJohn DotyNoqsi Aerospace Ltd
Space BouyJanet GlennMontana State University
Small Satellites Working Together to Accomplish Big MissionsHobson LaneNorthrop Grumman
Networking for NanosatsLuke StrasStras Space
Session 4: Access to Space
EELV Secondary Payload AccomodationsJake SzatkowskiULA
Report of the NASA Program Definition Team for Student Collaboration: The CubeSat PerspectiveMark HammergrenAlder Planetarium
RocketPod UpdateRex RidenoureEcliptic Enterprises Corporation
Sun, Surf, and Satellites at the University of HawaiiWayne ShiromaUniversity of Hawaii
Dnepr 2 Satellite Identification and the Mark III P-PODJon BrownCal Poly State University
Session 5: Ground Station Operations
Session IntroductionKyle LevequeSRI International
Presentation: Survey of CubeSat Communication Systems
Bryan KlofasCal Poly State University
Software Defined Radio Approach for the Implementation of Ground Station ReceiversJyh-Ching JuangNational Cheng Kung University
CAPE-II: Educational and Communication SubsystemsJason LaBerteauxUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
GENSO: Global Educational Network for Satellite OperatorsJason AndersonCal Poly State University
Software Defined Ground StationsJames CutlerStanford University
Friday, April 11, 2008
Session 6: Unique Missions
SU-SatMark WilkinsonSpace Dynamics Laboratory
Explorer1 (Prime): A Re-flight of the Explorer 1 Science MissionCelena ByersMontana State University
KySat-1 Status and Lessons LearnedTyler DoeringKySat
Sail Deployment video
Edward MontgomeryNASA MSFC
NASA Ames Small SpacecraftJohn HinesNASA Ames
From Unisat to UniCubeSat: The Experience of the University of RomaChantal CappellettiUniversity of Roma La Sapienza
ASTRECWilliam EdmonsonNorth Carolina State University

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2007
August 11-12, 2007
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Zip file

Saturday, August 11, 2007
IntroductionLori BrooksCal Poly
JHU/APL CubeSat SummaryAndy LewinJHU/APL
The Return of SputnikSteve BerkleyUtah State University
The KySat ConsortiumTyler DoeringKySat
AubieSat-1Thor WilsonAuburn University
American Student Moon OrbiterYvonne ClearwaterNASA Ames Research Center
ITU pSAT UpdateTayfun AydinIstanbul Technical University
Cubesat Tech Demo P-PODRobert DavisHawk Institute
SFL Nanosatellite Missions & Launch ServiceDaniel KekezUTIAS Space Flight Laboratory
Four Satellites, One UniversityJessica WilliamsUT Austin
Sunday, August 12, 2007
RocketPod UpdateRex RidenoureEcliptic
Delfi C3 and ISISWouter Jan UbbelsTU Delft/ISIS
From BarnacleSat to Explorer 1Cory WiltshireMontana State University
Recent Advances in the CubeSat Kit FamilyAndrew KalmanPumpkin Inc
I'm From AMSAT and I'm Here to HelpPaul ShuchAMSAT
Nanosat Launch Vehicle Status UpdateCarla LovelessGarvey Spacecraft Corporation
Hawaii Space Flight LaboratoryByron WolfeUniversity of Hawaii
CubeSat Mission Integration: A Launch Vehicle PerspectiveScott SchonemanOrbital Sciences Corporation
Cubesat-based Science MissionTherese JorgensenNSF
CubeSat EPSCraig ClarkClyde Space Ltd
CO3 HermesLee JasperColorado Space Grant Consortium
Polysat: Launch and OperationJustin FoleyCal Poly

4th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2007
April 19-21, 2007
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Zip file
Note: Not all presentations are listed here

Thursday, April 21, 2007
Opening Presentations
Nano-Satellites as Disruptive TechnologyScott MacGillivrayThe Boeing Company
CubeSats in Education and IndustryLori BrooksCubeSat
Technical Session I
JHU/APL CubeSat InitiativesAndy LewinJHU/APL
SFL NanoSatellite Missions and Launches 2007-2009Freddy PranajayaUniversity of Toronto
uPPT - Propulsion Solution for CubeSatsCarsten ScharlemannAustrian Research Centers
Design and Development of the ITU pSAT I Engineering PrototypeGokhan InalhanIstanbul Technical University
Space Tethers and Small Satellites: Formation Flight and Propulsion ApplicationsNestor VoronkaTeathers Unlimited
Civil-Academic Space Test ProgramBob MeurerSwales Aerospace
Technical Session II
How to Accommodate Additional Processors in the CubeSat KitAndrew KalmanPumpkin Inc
Cubesat-UD Telemedicine and TelemetryLilia Edith Aparicio PicoUniversidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Calda
BillikenSat-IIDr. Sanjay Jayaram and Ben CorradoSaint Louis University
SwissCube ProjectGuillaume Roethlisberger and Fabien JordanEPFL Space Center
Nanosat Launch Vehicle Development, Flight Testing and ExperimentsMatt Baker, Brian Rotty, and John GarveyGarvey Spacecraft Corporation/CSU Long Beach
Reflections on Human Space FlightDr. James NewmanNaval Postgraduate School
Friday, April 20, 2007
Technical Session III
Benefits and Uses of Very Small SpacecraftPete WordenNASA Ames
A Path to ESPA-Class Multiple Cubesats/PPODsDan SakodaNaval Postgraduate School
Stochastic Attitude Control of a CubesatJason MooreUniversity of Texas at Austin
Capabilites, Results, and Implications of Deployments on STS116 and TacSat-2Dr. Perry BallardDOD Payloads Office, Johnson Space Center
INTA PicoSatellite OPTOS: Mission, Subsystems, and PayloadIvan Lora Fernandez and Jose Antonio Collado MunozINTA
RocketPodRex RidenoureEcliptic Enterprises Corporation
Technical Session IV
Antennas and Attitude Control of Cubesat Libertad-1Paul Nunez and Cesar ValeroUniversidad Sergio Arboleda
CubeSat Electric-Gravitic PropulsionDominick MarroneUTC/Sikorsky Aerospace
Launch and Field Opportunities without leaving your office and CubeSat Test OpportunitiesBob TwiggsStanford University
Applying Practical Systems Engineering and Project Management to University Small SatellitesEric GrimesAuburn University
UCISAT-1 and Failure Recovery SystemJuan Osuna and Tom WypychUC Irvine
Technical Session V
Lessons Learned from Remote Ground Station OperationsJames CutlerStanford University
Some Musings on Current Evolutionary Trends in the Space BusinessThomas ChrienRaytheon
GeneSat-1: Quick Look Mission ReportBruce YostNASA
PolySat: A University CubeSat StoryParin Patel and Bryan KlofasCal Poly State University
Alternative Communication Strategies for PicoSatellitesKalia GlasseySRI International
Cubes That Help Industry Out of the BoxHobson LaneNorthrop Grumman

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2006
August 12-13, 2006
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Zip file
Note: Not all presentations are listed here

Saturday, August 12, 2006
DNEPR-1 Launch: Operations, Schedules, and IntegrationLori BrooksCal Poly
CUBESAT: Observations from and Industry PerspectiveCharles MacGillivrayBoeing
Norwegian Student Satellite ProgramAleksander MarthinussenNAROM
NCUBE AIS Detection ProbabilityBjorn NarheimFFI
Designing for Sucess: Choosing CUBESAT Components WiselyAndrew KalmanPumpkin, Inc.
ParkinsonSAT & RAFTBob BruningaUSN
Sunday, August 13, 2006
Early Orbit Operations Performance of the Montana Earth Orbiting Pico Explorer (MEROPE)Dave KlumparMontana State University
KySat: Status and DirectionGarrett ChandlerKySat
The Delfi-C3 Nanosatellite: An Educational Test-Bed for New Space TechnologyWouter Jan UbbelsDelft University of Technology
KatySat: A Collaborative Effort to Make Space FunBen YuanSSDL
Risk Management for Student-Run SatellitesElizabeth DeemsMassachusetts Institute of Technology
The NLS-X Launch ProgramDaniel KekezUniversity of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies
RocketPodRex RidenoureEcliptic Enterprises Corporation
CUBESAT: Launch Integration and Launch OpportunitiesRachel LeachSpaceAccess & ATSB
Atlas VJim EnglandLockheed Martin

3rd Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2006
April 27-29, 2006
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Zip file
Note: Not all presentations are listed here

Thursday, April 27, 2006
Overview and Lessons LearnedArmen ToorianCal Poly State University
ElectraDanny Jacobs and D. M. KlumparMontana State University
Current Status of PACEJiun-Jih Miau and Jyh-Ching JuangNational Cheng Kung University
SMARTSatAllison Barnard and Alicia BroederdorfTexas A&M University
AubieSat-1Eric GrimesAuburn University
SwissCube ProjectMuriel NocaEcole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
GOLIATCorina DumitruUniversity of Bucharest
ITU CubeSatGokhan InalhanIstanbul Technical University
Friday, April 28, 2006
The ION CubesatMike DabrowskiUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Nanosat NavigationHobson LaneNorthrop Grumman
CubeSats: Impacts, Benefits, and Challenges AheadEric TapioLockheed Martin
Ground Station NetworkYuya Nakamura and Kyle LevequeUniversity of Tokyo and Cal Poly State University
KatySatBob TwiggsStanford University
Education-Based Satellite Launch OpportunityLarry MortensenInland Northwest Space Alliance
Space Access Technologies, LLCRachel LeachSpace Access Technologies, LLC
RocketPod UpdateRex RidenoureEcliptic Enterprises Corporation
The Orbital ClassroomPaul SchuchAMSAT
Making the Most of Limited I/OAndrew KalmanPumpkin, Inc

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2005
August 6-7, 2005
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Note: Not all presentations are listed here

Unfortunately, no presentations were saved from this workshop.

2nd Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2005
April 21-23, 2005
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Note: Not all presentations are listed here

Unfortunately, no presentations were saved from this workshop.

CubeSat Summer Workshop 2004
August 8-9, 2004
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Zip file
Note: Not all presentations are listed here

Sunday, August 8, 2004
Workshop IntroductionBob TwiggsStanford University
Simulation of Electric Power During CubeSat LifetimeGregor Hanuschak and Andreas PeukertStanford University
Attitude Determination and Control for PACEJung Kuo TuNational Cheng Kung University
Communications and Standard Link BudgetsJan KingAMSAT
Montana State University EarthstationKeith MashburnMSU
High Altitude Balloons: Providing a Cost Effective Testbed for CubeSatsColt WallaceIowa State University
Experiences of the CANX1 MissionRobert ZeeUniversity of Toronto
Experiences of the QuakeSat MissionEric TapioQuakeSat
DNEPR 2004 IntegrationNash ClemensCal Poly SLO
Future Launches: DNEPR 2005Armen ToorianCal Poly SLO
NanoSat Launch VehicleJohn GarveyGarvey Spacecraft Corporation
DOD PicoSat LaunchPerry BallardSTP
Introduction of RocketPodRex RidenoureEcliptic Enterprises
DARPA's Interest in Small SatsGordon RoeslerDARPA
GeneSatEric LeeStanford University
Multi-Application Survivable Tether SatelliteScott MillerStanford University
Monday, August 9, 2004
EyasSAT Educational Satellite System Jim WhiteColorado Satellite Services
CubeSat KitAndrew Kalman"Pumpkin, Inc"

1st Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2004
April 8-10, 2004
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California
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Note: Not all presentations are listed here

First Session
AMSAT, IARU, and The CubeSatsDr. Tom ClarkAMSAT
In Situ Genetics Experiments on NanosatellitesNASA
Global CubeSat OperationsJames CutlerStanford University
Space Systems Design in an Academic EnvironmentBob TwiggsStanford University
Second Session
Electronics Systems Design on CP2Chris DayCal Poly PolySat
Self-Steering Antennas for CubeSat NetworkBlaine Murakami and Wayne ShiromaUniversity of Hawaii
Kansas KUTESat PathfinderMarco VillaUniversity of Kansas
Development of HAUSAT-1 Picosatellite as a Test Bed for Educational PurposeSpace System Research Lab, Hankuk Aviation University
Third Session
Iconic sCintillation Experiment, CUBEsat ProjectTerence BraunelsCornell University School of Engineering
NCUBE: The First Norwegian Student SatelliteNCUBE
PACE: Platform for Attitude Control ExperimentJiun-Jih Miau and Jyh-Ching JuangNational Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
YamSat IntroductionAlbert YinYamSat Team
Cooperation between the DOD and NASA in the Use of the STP Picosat LauncherPerry BallardDOD Payloads Office, Johnson Space Center
Fourth Session
MEROPE: Montana's First SatelliteMike OblandSpace Science and Engineering Laboratory, Montana State University
Low Cost University/Commercial Nanosatellite CollaborationTom BleierQuakeSat
P-POD and LaunchesArmen ToorianCal Poly CubeSat

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